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Pac Div - Underdogs II (ft. Colin Munroe) - Don’t Mention It

anxiously waited for them to come on after each performance… then after kdots crazy set i was pumped and ready for them to perform… patiently waited cuz of intermission, then they shut off the lights and opened the curtains… this song came up and all of a sudden i got the chills… i started thinking about the first song i heard from em back in 08 (gorgeous) and was just thinking about their progression and how back then i would only be listening to 3 or 4 of their songs on youtube… then after the line “yeah we on top, naw we wont quit, naw we wont stop nu uh we wont lose…” Mibbs walked out and sat down on the stage then Like then Beyoung… in my mind i was thinking these dudes are far from being underdogs, theyre winnin… then the lights come on and the song pac div comes on and this burst of energy came outta no where and started yelling out all the words… when they played the song She i was one of the few rappin along to it (i looked around to so its for sure haha)… She is THE song ive been waiting on since i heard TiRon’s mixtape Ketchup… i listened to the snippet so many times it pissed me off haha but when i heard an extra verse at the show i was like YES FINALLY… plus the fact that tall ass casey veggies, jhene aiko, ep and esta were stand right there… plus top dawg ent, skeme, marz, tiron, and the THC, were there on stage all watching this dope group perform… idgaf if theyre not some big shots, ive bumped at least some of their songs and put it on replay so to me it added to the whole experience… 

It was my first time seeing pac div live so it was a memorable night… as foolish as this post may sound, you need to go and see your favorite artist/artists perform so you can experience that energy and feeling… especially if its your first time watching em perform, rap along with em, jump when they say jump, wave your arms back and forth, dance and do all that… and if you don’t get that feeling then your not a real fan of their music… anddddd it really is the cherry on the top to smoke during the show… 

im pretty damn excited to hear Mania! some new slaps to bump on my headphones… 

Mania! Tracklist:

  1. The Mirror
  2. SuperNegroes
  3. Anti-Freeze
  4. Take Me High
  5. Fallin’
  6. Same ‘Ol Shit
  7. Nobody’s Perfect
  8. Chief Rocka Freestyle feat. Casey Veggies
  9. Your Fuckin’ Song
  10. Show You feat. BJ The Chicago Kid
  11. Saved
  12. Somethin’ feat. Ty$
  13. Take Me Back
  14. Still a Knucklehead feat. Sir Michael Rocks
  15. Out


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Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 09:24 PM
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